What is Nactus

Nactus is a unique platform for all who teach and all who learn. Nactus is an Internet-based smart phone application which focuses on improving overall learning experience by facilitating not only a discovery of the educators but also providing with other technological tools to make learning more organized and more efficient in a manner that it is beneficial to both Educators and Students alike.

Why Nactus

  • Discovery – Students can search for educators based on multiple criteria and connect with them through the services provided by the platform without being subjected to multiple marketing calls.
  • ERP - Nactus provides users with complete cloud-based ERP platform for educators to manage their pre and post engagement activities including but not limited to attendance management, fee management, result management, event management and keeping the parents / students appraised about the same in real time manner.
  • Communication - Nactus App provides a very interactive two-way chat communication between the educator and the student / parent eliminating the need for use of any social massaging platform or bulk SMS facility. It becomes a one stop solution for all the class management and communication requirements. It essentially takes care of all the communication requirements of educational institutions whether it pertains to communicating with a single student or a class of students or the entire institution.
  • Online test preparation – Nactus provides an online test preparation platform which is being used by various educational institutions to conduct test with their students and monitor progress. This is being widely used by Coaching institutes as most of the exams happen in online mode now and this is the best way to prepare students.
  • Privacy of Student information so that other than the educator, no body (including even other students of the class) do not have access to the contact details of students.