5 Must Have Free Apps For Students


 Today, considering that we’re a generation of smart people with smarter phones, every problem seems to have just one solution (especially according to our parents) – Burn that phone down! Every discrepancy that you deal with in your life is somehow traced back to the fact that you overuse your phone, which is, let’s face it, a fact that you can’t completely deny. A device that was supposed to provide means of communication for people spanning all generations has turned out to be a problem for one.


But, has it occurred to you that you can actually use your phone to solve real problems? If you’re a student, it’s highly likely that you always have your phone handy and you carry it around as if it’s a ventilator support that you need to breathe. With these five apps on it, you can make your life simpler and manage it better. You’d still be overusing your phone, but let’s take one problem at a time, shall we?




Nactus offers a one-stop platform for all the needs of students and tutors alike. For students, it allows seamless communication with the tutor so that important messages aren’t lost amidst streams of conversations on other messaging apps. Push notifications remind students of updated class timings, and fee reminders are sent out so that you don’t forget to pay your fees on time. In fact, through Nactus, students can actually pay their tutors online through a secure payment gateway. Manage all your classes in a single place, request trial classes for courses you’re interested in, browse through detailed profiles of tutors near you, and a lot more using Nactus.




It’s an evergreen, number one app to organize everything! You can put all kinds of data on Evernote – memos, to-do lists, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, and a lot more. The best part is that you can sync Evernote across all your devices and access your content from anywhere. You can share your content with your friends and colleagues on the same platform and also collaborate ideas in a single document. Its easy-to-use UI is perfect for taking down notes during a lecture and ensuring you never misplace them at the last moment.




How many times do you find yourself in a situation where you’re reading a document on the phone and you come across a word you don’t know the meaning of? Most of us simply assume a plausible meaning for that word and go ahead, while some of us just stop reading the document because it’s difficult to understand. Very few of us actually go and check out a dictionary before resuming reading. For all these categories of people, we have Define – an app that lets you find out the meaning of a word simply if you select the word and copy it. You can decide whether you want Define to directly display the meaning, send you a priority notification, or a silent push notification when you copy the word.




In a world where cloud storage is the buzz, Dropbox is one of the best apps for storing your files online. It works brilliantly for students, because you can have one dropbox account for the whole class, and all class-related files (pictures, documents, presentations, videos, etc.) can be uploaded on it. Using a single link, every student in the class can get access to all of it. A Dropbox Basic account comes with free space of 2 GB.




We always find ourselves standing in long queues outside photocopy centers to get important documents scanned at the last minute, especially when we’ve to submit an untimely form or send them to someone urgently. But, CamScanner lets you create sharp pdfs of documents simply by using your mobile phone’s camera. You can also add watermarks or make annotations using the app. The licensed version of this app has a plethora of features that users can exploit, including extracting text from an image and editing it.

  Image Courtesy: Google Images