5 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing an Education App


Nobody can deny how education has changed in the last few years because of the advent of internet. Apart from the crucial role it has played in spreading the scope of distance and virtual education high and wide; even in case of classroom education, internet has changed the game.

Bulky notes and reference texts have been replaced with links to online articles, WhatsApp images have replaced photocopies and Google has obviously taken the place of entire libraries to a large extent.

And then came the education apps which are slowly catching up with the ever-evolving education system. There are a bunch of education apps available on the app store of every platform which took digital education a new height.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind while choosing an education app and to decide whether it suits your child’s needs or not.

Here are 5 important points to remember:

  1. How detailed is the tutor profile

It is of utmost importance that the personal and professional profiles of the tutors in case of interactive apps are detailed, accurate and updated to the day. Even though teaching is an individualistic app, the information is still important to choose the right person. If possible, cross-check the given details and in case of any discrepancy, contact the website of the app or the head organisation for queries or clarifications.


  1. How interesting is the app interface

In case of smart education, the interface or overall look of the app is very important. Teaching children is not an easy task. The activities must be colourful and interesting, but at the same time suitable and enough informative for the age group it is mentioned for. That way it will make sure that the children are not losing interest and also getting their lessons.


  1. How safe are the payment options

Nowadays most online payment options have all types of options i.e. netbanking, mobile banking, e-wallets, debit and credit card. But as a customer it is your responsibility to check what the options are in the particular one you are choosing, how safe they are and whether the merchant site has a secured payment gateway or not.


  1. How much of the subject is covered

The main point of the app is to get your child the education. So the subject(s) you are looking for, check what all of it is covered by the app. The study material also needs to correspond to the age group in standard as well as quantity.


  1. How are the class schedule options

In case of virtual classroom methods, the lessons need to be scheduled beforehand as per as the convenience of both the teacher and the student. But the scheduling part needs to stay flexible on both sides. When one is choosing an education app over a classroom lecture, it is expected that the benefits of that should be readily available. The rigidity of routine is something that a child finds difficult to follow.

 Image Courtesy: Google Images