5 Things To Look For In A Tutor


Who doesn’t want a well-qualified tutor that would help them improve their marks and achieve their educational goals? Some students need a little extra help outside the classrooms for better understanding and knowledge of a subject. So, what are the qualities that must be in a tutor to help you with your education?


The first and foremost thing that everyone must know about their tutor is their qualification. If you are seeking  a tutor, the one who has a teaching degree and specialization in the age group of the student, that teacher is the best. A teacher is someone, who needs to have a certain kind of patience and a sincere love for education. There is no point in being taught by someone who has a degree for one subject but is teaching another subject.



Best are those tutors who are ready to take extra classes in case of any doubts. They would also conduct Mock Tests prior to an important exam or assignment. A tutor who interacts with their students and pays personal attention to each one is what one needs to search for.



Feedback plays a significant role in a student – teacher relationship. Feedback needs to be taken at the end of every class so as to know how much the student has understood. This also helps the tutor to customize his way of teaching according to every student so that the student is able to get the best out of each session.



It is important to know what and how much resources are available with the tutor. Here, resources refer to “notes, questionnaires, test papers, sample papers, etc”.  Along with the tutor’s knowledge of the subject, it is beneficial to have those in writing so as to learn and revise whenever required.



Each and every student is intelligent, but, not all students can understand and learn at the same pace. Students create blunders, which may be recurring. This may annoy the tutor. A tutor must be able to motivate his student and encourage him/her to work harder to gain success.



Every tutor has his own personality, experience and teaching technique, which is indeed unique, yet varied. NACTUS provides tutors who fit in your student’s criteria and who conduct online sessions. Stop using the trial and error method and save your time as well as enhance your child’s future by choosing NACTUS!

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