Be your own boss with Nactus App


Working as an independent or private tutor is a rewarding job, for it brings plenty of opportunity to improve learning skills of students, but at the comfort of your time and space. Which means, you can be your own boss. However, getting enough work doesn’t come easy for private tutors as the resources are sparse and the means to get to the right students is a tedious job in itself. A private tutor has to face many challenges to be successful, however, Nactus can help overcome the hurdles, here’s how:

Getting sufficient work. To sustain for a long time, it’s important to get sufficient work to sustain yourself. However, in private teaching job, this possibility is limited. Teaching is usually seen as a seasonal profession, therefore, it is difficult to remain diligent all the time.  But there are many tutors who manage to get steady work all year around.

The demand for good tutor is always there, you just need to promote your services in the right places. Logically, the first place parents look for tutors is either through local ads or internet, in such case scenario it becomes difficult for private tutors to market their services. Nactus platform helps you do just that… Once registered, the app will help you to spread your abilities widely to see what works well for you.  

Functioning unaided. For any independent professionals, it is difficult to function without any interaction with peers and students. This means mostly have to spend significant amount of time working unaided, informing every students, scheduling and rescheduling classes, prepare notes and assignments and even marketing services alone. However, there are ways to be in touch with your students and classes. Nactus gives you a platform to know what’s happening in the fraternity and keep you updated about your schedules and classes on a regular basis. With Nactus, it is never a lonely time. 

Dealing with expectations. Great expectations comes with great tutors. Which means that a private tutor has to take lot of responsibility not only to ensure what they are teaching to students but to also make sure the students are progressing. Parents are always on a lookout for better and reliable private tutors, for their expectations are high. Therefore, being a tutor, one needs to deal with both parents and students expectations, make sure they are following the curriculum, attending the classes regularly, sending them schedules on time, remaining them about the time and place of the classes conducted and so on...  The task is mammoth.

This is when tutors turn to Nactus App, as it divides your load, especially when it comes to minimal day to day tasks of interacting with students on daily basis, help take personal notes of their problems and progress, rescheduling the class and distribution of notes and so much more. With Nactus, a tutor is free from all these task and can concentrate on building great minds and managing expectations. 

Striking a right balance. Sometimes, the greatest hurdle for a private tutor is to figure out when to strike a balance between work and personal life. Every teacher knows that tutoring is a full time job. Therefore, there is always a possibility that tutors might miss out on responding to queries of students, accommodating additional students, and even attending to new inquiries. However, due to the confusion tutors miss out on giving proper assistance to students who need proper guidance. This is where Nactus App comes to the rescue. The app helps tutors to be organized by helping tutors to interact with students, organize tuition classes, be reminded about their upcoming classes, and reschedule classes.


 Image Courtesy: Google Images