Nactus app helps navigate your way to successful learning


Tutor services are a great way to help your children succeed academically. Being a parent, it is not easy to find a right tutor. But the question is, despite many websites screaming of tutors with appealing profiles and credentials and promises to turn you kid into Albert Einstein in a matter of few week, how can they still relay the difficulties of finding good tutors? 

The answer it this is probably the lack of right platform and exposure to access the information to find a right tutor. For parents, receiving assistance of a right tutor is a gruesome job and takes months of struggle, hence disturbing the student’s performance and grades.

As if that’s not all… Even after availing resources to get tutors, finding a suitable tutor with right credentials is also an important task to see. A good background check and screening is required before hiring them.

Therefore, after personally relating to the challenges parents are striving while hiring the best professional help available for their children, one such person went on to develop an app to simplify the entire process, right form searching a credible tutor to marking the progress of the students.

Nactus App, a professional platform to find tutors, takes on the hassle of finding an appropriate tutor for you. The state-of-the-art features of the app helps parents or student to navigate easily and find the right tutors.  

To make learning effective and convenient, Nactus provides a common platform where students and qualified tutors can meet and have access to unique tools that helps to organize their tuition classes, get updates upcoming classes and interact with tutors, rescheduling classes, all these on a single mobile app!

Nactus has improve learning experience of many students by facilitating them with credible tutors as well as providing other technological tools to make their learning experience more organised and efficient. In fact, Nactus has just started few months back and is working to spread its services Pan-India.

Finding the right tutor for you is our job. Let Nactus help you find your next tutor!


About Nactus

Launched in 2015, Nactus, a professional online marketplace to hire learning professionals, is building massive network of teachers and students through our effective technology of search-based    platform and study notes platform, to ensure that the entire class management process is conducted smoothly and effectively. The aim is to ensure that every student who seeks tuitions or coaching is offered nothing less than the best service.


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