Benefits of private tutoring


For all parents, the education of their children is at the top of their priority list but only a number of parents spend money on the supplementary tuition of their children. Private tutoring wins over tutoring in groups as it is very beneficial for a student in many ways. The reasons are valid and are listed below:

  • Customized lessons

Private tutors customize their sessions according to the student’s needs, i.e. areas where more attention and focus is to be paid to. A tutor is able to adjust his pace accordingly and focus on the goals of the student.


  • Solves problems

Private tutoring enables a child’s specific problems to be addressed. Tuitions focus on areas where the child is lacking behind whereas in schools, the whole syllabus needs to be covered, so individual attention is seldom not paid to a child’s weaknesses.


  • Nails their basics

Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, English, and Chemistry have hierarchical elements. Until and unless the basics are strong, a student can never solve questions that are difficult to answer to and need thinking. Progress is possible only if the basics are sorted out and a private tutor helps with that case.


  • Help with homework and tests

Homework is often considered to be boring by students. The experience is daunting and many works through it without really getting engaged in the task given. Having a private tutor helps to keep the student focused and interested in homework and completion of the work given is done in high standard. A tutor enables that the student gets the maximum benefit and is able to get out of the homework given. Thus, a tutor’s help with homework is invaluable.


  • Focus

There is literally no escape, no wastage of time, no chatting with friends and no distraction when a private tutor is hired to work one-to-one with a child. The entire focus of the tutor is on the child itself and the sessions are intense and much more is covered in a single session than in a class setting.


  • Boosts children’s confidence

It is indeed a difficult task for children to raise their doubts in front of their friends. With a private tutor, a child does not need to worry about asking silly questions as they have no one around to impress. So the child is honest and confident enough to discuss matters where he/she needs help in and is ready to overcome the difficulties they experience.


  • Demonstrates parent’s interest in their children’s education

A very important message that you need to let your child know is that you are interested in his/her education and the way they perform matters to you. They need to be made understood that you value their education and are ready to invest money, time and energy for them. Hiring a private tutor for your child demonstrates how serious you are for their education.  


Image Courtesy: Google Images