Be independent with Nactus

Being independent doesn't necessarily mean earning. Show your independence in your thoughts, actions and in the decisions you take. Show your independence in making true every dream you ever dreamt of. Come up with goals so high that outshine everybody else's. There is something that makes you extremely lucky!

Guess what?? Your age!

Yes your age is something that makes you lucky because being a student of this era; you get to access internet for every doubt that ever pops...


NACTUS making your career dream come true

The most awaited time of the year is nearing. So what are your plans for this New Year? Whenever we think about New Year, the first thought that strikes our mind is the New Year resolution. We might make zillions of resolutions but often end up following none. But don't you think it is high time to take up some resolutions seriously? Well! Resolutions related to your education are the ones needed to be followed with dedication.

 Every single step you take in your education,...


Right use of technology

Technology is something most of the people have misunderstood and are afraid of as they feel that it would replace the human jobs but it is just a misconception, technology is not built to replace humans rather it is there to improvise the work that humans do. One of the examples of such technological advancement is ‘Nactus’. One wonder app, that offers many facilities. 


The Nactus App can be used in various ways. It is designed, to make your daily...


Way to Success

Have you heard of the quotation "Practice makes a man perfect"? Yes! Practice leads to more miracles than intelligence does. Any average student can cop-up with their studies if the necessary hard work is put in. So how do you think one gets an exact idea of what to prepare out of a bulk syllabus to succeed.


Yes! You're close. The test papers are something every student looks for when an examination is nearing by.


More they practice relevant...



Success could just be sounding like a small word, but it isn't as trivial as it sounds. Did you ever have a role model?

Has anyone's success story interested and inspired you? Just remember you have the same number of hours in a day as your role model does. So where does the difference occur? It all lies in the time management.

Time management is that important factor that decides the fate of your career. It is sometimes important for you to take a break and give your mind...



Age is never a barrier to learn anything new that catches your interest. Any particular fad of yours can be now pursued, because it's never too late to follow your dreams. Any particular course you want to learn can be now easily taken up with Nactus coming into the picture.
Every time you wonder as to go to which corner of the earth to find a tutor for yourself who could teach you every part of the course you are aspiring to learn, do not forget to peep into Nactus, because it's an...



In a highly digitalized decade like this, learning something new is not a difficult task, but ensuring that the off-screen work behind this like adjusting timings in your daily schedule and most importantly searching for the right tutor to imbibe skills in you and everything else goes right, is a little complicated task.

And nactus is an app that lets you manage all this in a much effective way without putting much effort.


You can go through the detailed...


5 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing an Education App

Nobody can deny how education has changed in the last few years because of the advent of internet. Apart from the crucial role it has played in spreading the scope of distance and virtual education high and wide; even in case of classroom education, internet has changed the game.

Bulky notes and reference texts have been replaced with links to online articles, WhatsApp images have replaced photocopies and Google has obviously taken the place of entire libraries to a large...


5 Reasons to Opt For Digital Education Apps

The face of education has long changed. Students don’t have to sit in libraries for hours to gather notes; neither do they have to be super worried about text books and reference materials, because everything is available on the internet anyway.

As a further upgradation to that, entire lessons or study sessions are now available on the internet. There are online portals, online video streaming and most importantly, applications that are tailor-made for your child’s...


Important things to consider while searching a Tutor

3 things you should keep in mind while looking for a tutor!

 There are many reasons why you might decide to hire a tutor for your children. They might need help with algebra or it could be a writing issue. Perhaps you feel that they are not challenged enough at school, and they might benefit from a little more advanced material. Maybe they're struggling in certain subjects, and they need to play catch-up to improve their...

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