Ever heard about these coolest inventions?

  • A wearable inflatable auto deploys when it detects imminent drowning danger.
  • A robotic lifeguard that can rescue eight people at a time.
  • A revolving bicycle wheel that can fold down into a compact size that fits inside your backpack.
  • The eightsight3 is the most revolutionary pair of glasses used to mimic vision for the legally blind. 


What is common is all of these?

Well, technology in all these has been used for good.


Whatever invention it is, it is important that it should be of some or the other use for the society and that is the preliminary need because society needs extremely talented young individuals to solve the daily life problems.


Every great invention begins with an idea that wasn't held back with the fear of rejection. Ideas do pour in, but it actually takes tons of courage to discuss those ideas and to think of implementing them. 


Most of the people give up on their ideas thinking of the consequences they would have to face if it goes wrong but those who don't give up, succeed at the end. The one concept that all the recent year innovations are based on is, Artificial intelligence. 


Artificial intelligence is radically changing multiple aspects of our living. Artificial intelligence offers some incredible features such as

  • Natural language generation
  • Speech recognition
  • Decision management
  • Biometrics
  • Robotic automation


and many more features, It has turned out to be highly beneficial for the firms that incorporated Artificial intelligence in their business.


Not only Artificial intelligence, there are many more tech friendly courses that can be used to re-build a complete different world. 

More than anticipations, aspirations work miracles. If you are a present age student, you need to figure out which way you want to go and what are the courses you need to learn to purse your career in that direction. 


Nactus is one such dominant app that provides you a fine platform to learn wonderful courses that you think would assist your career. Nactus also has many other features pertaining to a child's bright future, be it providing various test series for students to practice or be it establishing a strong connect between the parents and their ward's institutions. Nactus has always served the best and will always do. 

 Image Courtesy: Google Images