Create Tests And Test Series On Nactus


Nactus was built and developed with the goal of providing a feature-rich platform for students and tutors to interact with each other and effectively manage classes, fees, and data shared between them. A very integral part of the any student-tutor relationship is the tutor’s ability to monitor the student’s progress and his understanding of the concepts through tests, which is why we knew that we had to introduce this functionality in Nactus as well.


We’re delighted to release our latest feature for all our tutors and students, which allows the tutors to create tests and test series using Nactus. Tutors can utilise this feature by navigation to the Publisher Dashboard on their Dashboard after logging in to the web app.


The Test Manager tab lets you add tests (i.e. question papers) to your account. Every test can be customized to have as many multiple or single choice questions as you want. The tests can be paid tests or trial tests (which will be free) and you can also select the Board of Education and class for the same. The user interface for creating, modifying, publishing, and exporting these tests is extremely simple and easy to navigate.


Next, if you want to create a series of tests, click on the Test Series tab and simply click on the ADD button. Again, there are various fields that are presented to you when creating a new test series, which makes it easier for you to customize the series based on your requirements. The test papers you create can then be added to the respective test series, and that’s it! Easy-peasy, isn’t it?


When students want to take a test, they can do so for free if it’s a trial test, or they can make payments for the paid ones online on Nactus itself through secure payment gateways. At the same time, tutors will also receive the payment via Nactus, quite similar to the way you accept fees online through Nactus. Needless to say, all student data remains safe, and all transactions are 100% secure on Nactus.


Please note that the Tests and Test Series feature is only available on the Nactus web application.


Go ahead, tutors, try out this brand new feature. Let us know your feedback in the comments section! Also, if you’re facing any difficulty using this feature, shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

 Image Courtesy: Google Images