Has it ever occurred to your mind, how would you travel the world, from one country to other if there were no planes or helicopters?

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for people to cover huge distances without any means?

How would the situation be if railways were the only means of travelling?

The whole idea of not being able to fly is itself unthinkable. The flight! It all started with the vision of Wright Brothers and how did this life changing vision even occur to them at the first place?

The answer is Lateral Thinking!

Every problem has a solution with lateral thinking. Every question has an answer when you think out of the box. Traditional methods have over and over proved us wrong. A tint of creative approach to any issue illuminates the untouched parts, making you think in different ways. That shows how important role, lateral thinking plays in one's life.

Nactus has opened ways for you to enhance your skills in unique genres of study. Choose a different path, take a different course that interests you, and prove yourself. It's better late than never.

Talking about failures! Is there anybody left on earth who hasn't tasted failure yet? Failure in any sense! There are millions of people giving up their dreams just because they have failed at the initial stage.

Thomas Alva Edison! One of the greatest inventors of America gave us an example of how 999 times of failure didn't affect him because he just perceived them as the 999 ways of how his target shouldn't be approached. That is when he succeeded in inventing the much needed source after water, the bulb in his 1000th attempt. So what is that one lesson he taught us all?


The target is not achieved when you approach it for ‘n’ number of times rather it is achieved when you approach it in ‘n’ number of ways. Likewise practicing for your exams shouldn't be done from the same old books that you were taught from, rather practice different question papers to get exposed to the questioning patterns. 

One question can be put to you in thousand different ways but the answer is same so everything lies in the way you understand it so, all you have to do is practice different test series and compare your performance to analyze your improvement factor.

We offer you the best and latest of test series published by renowned institutions. Nactus being the handy facilitator for your practice helps you stay updated about all new test series being published and hence giving you the scope of attaining a cent percent grip on your syllabus. Now it's time you challenge yourself, enhance your performance through smart practice. Do not let any pre-conceived notions affect your success. Well! failures are after all those stepping stones that take you even more closer to your goal so why fear from them? Start reaching towards your target, start your practice right away.

  Image Courtesy: Google Images