How to connect with your teachers online?


The landscape for education has been replaced by the digital media and the social media. The education system is all different now and this is not just a case where a mere impact is made or a transformation takes place. Everything has changed – the tools, the audiences, the data, the opportunity and the access to the internet. The social media is a great tool to connect with people online. Digital communication plays a significant role in corresponding teachers and coaches with their students. The social media is where 95% of the teenagers are today. Therefore, a great tool is required that allows teachers to connect with their students in a way that interests them.

Building a community is very important for teachers to feel connected and for students to have a constant support. Staying connected always leads to sharing of ideas with the peers. A teacher today who has a strong support system, online communities and has social networks is a very welcoming addition in the field of education. Connecting with teachers through Whatsapp messages and groups, Teacher Blogs, Twitter’s Direct Messages etc are a thing of the past now. And as time passes by, these elements will become outdated and thus, not useful anymore. The education system and most critically, its students have changed. Hence, the tone and context for education have been altered forever. No matter how iconic school classrooms and blackboards are, nothing waits for change. The primary mover for this new context is technology. Thus, teachers are the human element behind this technology that is behind the new context. When teachers are able to connect with their students on a particular platform, a lot happens, subtly and overtly. There arises a spark of new pressure, new enthusiasm, new workflows, and new challenges. Moreover, one affects the other. Ideally, connections go both ways and are distributed and accepted. A connected teacher will give back and make powerful connections and networks with their students whereas a student will learn much more out of the digital classroom from their teachers and have their queries, doubts, and problems taken care of in an instant.

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