Important things to consider while searching a Tutor


3 things you should keep in mind while looking for a tutor!

 There are many reasons why you might decide to hire a tutor for your children. They might need help with algebra or it could be a writing issue. Perhaps you feel that they are not challenged enough at school, and they might benefit from a little more advanced material. Maybe they're struggling in certain subjects, and they need to play catch-up to improve their grades.

Whatever reason you have for hiring a tutor, it's important to pick the perfect educational companion for your child, rather than simply picking the first name on a Google search.

 Level of Experience

Does your child need advanced tutoring or just a helping hand to supervise his or her work when you're not available? Depending on the need, you'll want to pick a tutor with the right level of experience, if only to save you from spending too much money.

You should also consider the temperament of your child. Will he or she respond more positively to an authority figure, or will peer-level learning be more effective? If your child seems to have difficulty learning in a classroom environment it may be worth hiring a tutor closer to his or her own age, at least for a while.


Naturally you'll want to make sure your tutor can produce references from satisfied clients, and any professional should be able to provide them immediately. They should also be able to provide a resume listing their educational qualifications and references for any previous classroom experience.

Tutor or Mentor?

Before you call your first prospective tutor you need to sit down with your child and determine exactly what you both hope to achieve. Does your child need a goal-specific tutor or a cheerleader-style mentor? In other words, do you want the tutor to help achieve a specific, measurable goal, such as raising your child a grade level or helping them pass an upcoming test?

If you think your child needs a tutor to tackle a specific problem, it will be important to find someone with the relevant subject expertise.

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