Limitation of social messaging and how Nactus can help mitigate the perils


There is social media platform for everything, especially when it comes to communication. The evolution of technology has left no stone un-turn when it comes to social communication.

However, one way technology has helped change education is by providing better accessibility for educators and students. With technology becomes a commonplace in educational institutions, teachers and students are finding innovative ways to use technology to provide feedback and stay connected electronically to fit their needs. While some rely on phones to communicate, others prefer using social messaging to avail updates, schedules, monitor progress and instruction, on a regular basis.

Teachers nowadays are more assessable to impromptu communication, scheduling classes or after-class discussions with students as compared to the earlier times. Whatever the method be, students and teachers have clasped onto social messaging as a means to remain better connected outside the classrooms. However there are limitations of social messaging as well.

Firstly, social messaging is not a professional approach for students to interact with teachers and vice versa.

When it comes to social messaging in group, once it is created, every member can post messages in the group. Also, every member of that particular group gets access to contact details of all the member of the group. This means that the contact details cannot stay protected.

Since social messaging is a platform accessible to everyone, it is difficult to communicate without being distracted by friends and unrelated people added on your social messaging platforms.

When it comes to school chat group, usually there are more than one admin and therefore, there is no ways to control when people are being added unnecessarily into the group.

Social messaging do not have one-to-one effect. When a teacher sends instructions or important notice on the group chat, it so happens that the instruction gets lost somewhere into the pile of responses and messages that students who see the messages later, miss out on important notice or instruction.

Further, when it comes to class scheduling or cancellation, there is always a possibility that student may feign they missed out on the important communication.

Psychologically, it has been observed that students addicted to social messaging, are generally weak in language, spellings and pronunciations. It may also lead to momentary distraction, chaos and diversion from academic pursuits for students. 

Also, for students, one of the many reasons of staying compulsory connected 24/7 is the fear of not keeping up with peers and latest updates. On the other hand, too much exposure to social media is harmful and unsafe for young minds. Infact, seeing kids staying under constant social media pressure, is a raising concern among parents these days.

However, to curb these unwanted practices, it is always better to have a dedicated platform – a one-stop solution - for teachers and students, which is not only safe but focuses on academics only. One such app is Nactus, a friendly app that provides all the required social exposure to students and also keeps them updated.


How Nactus Is Helping Students & Teachers Interrelate

Known to be a single platform to enhance the communication between teacher and students, Nactus is a mobile-first app services available on Android and iOS, with a mission to become the next-generation education-related networking and messaging platform. Nactus has been created keeping in mind the requirements of today’s students and teachers.

Nactus encourages students to connect first-hand with teaches and mentors. It enables them to keep in touch with their class schedules and other academic related updates and notes. It is designed to make students and teachers lives easy and efficient.

Nactus is a platform where students only chat with teachers and not between themselves. So the platform stays a learning focused one and does not become a social platform.

Nactus app provides a single point control to teachers wherein they get to decide which student can be a part and avail the info of a particular group. However, students can be a part of the group only after the teacher confirms their registration and maps them to a class.  

Moreover, since only a teacher can see the contact details of students, their information is protected from undesirable access.

Messages sent by Nactus are via push notification and they sit in separate inbox on Nactus under respective student/ teacher's name. Hence the risk of message missing out in a continuous chain of communication does not arise.

When it comes to class rescheduling or cancellation, Nactus will make it easy for teachers by sending immediate real time push notification to all the students mapped to that particular class about the change. Even the schedules of students are automatically updated.

Also, both teachers and students will get an alert or remainder 30 minutes before the revised time of the class. Thus the risk of a student missing out on a change in class schedule is minimal.

The best this is, it’s safe, easy and free, so parents can heave a sigh of relief when their kids are using Nactus app.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to pick the universal education-related mobile app Nactus that serves the purpose of student and teachers alike. So, choose the right one that will make your life easy.

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