NACTUS: Helping you shape your child's future


There is always more than what our eyes can see. There is a hidden reason behind every violence and every revenge that has ever been taken. India is a diverse country with different religions and cultures and it is very difficult for a government and a single leader to control billions of people. It is extremely saddening to learn about rape cases, child labour, bomb blasts, child marriages, suicides and child abuse. The only thing that can stop all this is education.


The literacy rate is directly proportional to the crime rate. Educated people are aware of what is wrong and what is right and the consequences one has to face as an after effect of doing anything illegal and they can easily figure out solutions to problems instead of making a mountain out of a molehill. Every child has the right to choose his or her stream of education, and it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the right knowledge is being imbibed in their children. Nactus is here to help you out at every step in shaping your child into a great citizen.

Nactus provides a strong connection between the parents and their ward's school. So that even at your busiest times, you are updated about your child's progress. Every detail about your child is notified, be it his or her attendance, weekend test marks, cultural participation and every other detail contributing to your child's bright future. And Nactus has many more facilities making life easier. It provides latest test papers for students to practice and score well in their exams so that they are not victimized by the last minute preparations that they are always used to and it also allows the students to find the nearest and the best tuition center to learn trending courses of various genres, that they are passionate about to pursue.

Nactus also has a safe payment gateway so there is no need to worry about any sort of online frauds.

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