Online Tests


The key to the new world of education is technology. To gain access to education, e-learning has become a significant part in every student’s life. To analyze a student’s preparation level, it is always beneficial to go for Online Mock Tests. This will not only help to learn about how much preparation has been done, but also one will get to know about what more is in space for them. For almost all kinds of exams, online tests are conducted today. This gives a person a clear picture of what and how the exam is going to be as the pattern of the examination is made very clear through these tests.


  • Confidentiality and security

It is impossible for a candidate to cheat in an online test as the questions have never appeared before as well as they keep changing automatically as every individual undertakes one. The candidate’s result is made to appear to only the candidate himself/herself, thus ensuring confidentiality.


  • Instant result and feedback

In offline tests, one has to wait for days for the result to be analyzed and declared. Whereas, in online tests, the result appears immediately after the answers are submitted. Some tests that are conducted online, even give feedback according to the candidate’s result, that is, his/her strengths and weaknesses and even show the scope for improvement.


  • Management of time

While taking up a test online, the time left to complete the particular section is constantly displayed on the screen. This helps the candidate manage his time according to the number of questions left in order to complete all questions. Thus, online tests also help in managing time efficiently.


  • Accurate and fair evaluation

There is no partiality according to class, gender, caste or race in tests that are conducted online. All the answers are only and only on the basis of the performance of the candidate. Such tests are marked automatically by the computer itself and hence, there is no scope of partiality left.


  • Flexible schedule

There is no need to go to a place at a particular time, wait for the gates to open, carry stationery and undergo checking for cheating, we all know the drill. One just needs a phone or a laptop or a tablet or a computer with internet access to give online tests.

Online mock tests are very beneficial for both students and teachers. For students, of course, they help in knowing how far they have gained knowledge and how much more efforts need to put for the test. Online tests make it very convenient for teachers as they do not have to sit for hours and check a hundred papers that need to be submitted within a deadline. Nactus is a platform that conducts online tests and mock tests, giving instant results. This helps to evaluate and analyze a student’s performance and feedback is given too.

Image Courtesy: Google Images