The Digital Version of Learning and Teaching


The educational demands of the 21st century comprises of only two factors: commitment of a teacher and the determination of a student. The emerging technologies are being effectively used to enhance both teaching and learning strategies. The incorporation of digital classrooms in schools and digital tuitions at home has transformed education to bring about new goals.

Learning has become much more innovative for a student of today than any of before. The patterns of interaction has become much easier and better. The integration of technology in education has been a part of replicating existing educational practices transforming the methods of education through digital media with technologies as its tools. Incorporating technology in the classrooms as well as homes has brought about significant and positive changes in the teaching and learning process. Education today is at the core of powerful and rapidly shifting educational, political and technological forces that are on the verge of shaping the structure of educational systems across the globe and hence, remain the best for the rest of this century. The information revolution has fueled the growth of the internet networked society. This revolution offers alternative approaches to access, process and share all kinds of knowledge. It has played a major role in significantly reducing the importance of memory for teachers to retain a comprehensive body of subject knowledge which they have been expected to be accessing and repeating with great accuracy and speed for ages. The three passive R’s have today been replaced by the more dynamic, 3 C’s:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration


These three vital and vigorous features have challenged the traditional basis of teaching in schools.


Educational apps online have served and shaped a world for students where there is a great opportunity to grow if students and teachers work creatively and collaboratively. The advancement of technology has made test results appear in less than a minute of submitting the test. By and large, the traditional method of the education process teach us nowhere how to work or live in the era of the digital age. This century is no longer just about the four walls of the classroom. The area of the teaching and learning process has enlarged and reached to a vast store of information with technology. It is very important and essential to necessarily change the pedagogical practices of education to be capable enough to provide opportunities to learners to discover their answers. The digital age is therefore the truth of our lives today which is unavoidable if one wants to live, earn and move ahead in this world.

Image Courtesy: Google Images