Things about education a student must understand


A student who finds new meaning in education from time to time wins at life. Getting a college degree does not mean that students will have a meaningful life ahead and earn name and fame! Bill Gates dropped out of college, Albert Einstein never completed schooling, and Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg too didn't have a college degree! These great billionaires, amongst others, have taught us that education is much more than getting good grades and earning a prestigious degree. If you, as a student want to be successful and happy, here are three truths that you need to believe in, no matter what –

  • Contribution matters more than achievement

Let’s face it, in the real world, no one really asks you where you did schooling from or which university’s degree you have. People are more interested to know what you have offered to the society, how well you serve others and how much value you add to this world. What really matters, in the long run, is your contribution, not your qualifications, awards and achievements. Only then does a person lead a meaningful life when that person can make a difference in the lives of others and works for the well-being of the society. No one appreciates a person who does things just for the sake of prestige. Hence, contribution always triumphs achievement.


  • Schools and colleges are just part of your education

There are technological breakthroughs every day in this fast-changing world. New knowledge gets created every single day. Schools and colleges can never fully prepare a student for the future. They are not the place where you go just for education, they are just a part of your education. Adopt a proactive approach today and observe and learn things from outside the classroom – from the real world. If this is not learned, you will struggle to adapt to the real world that awaits you. But for all the learning and contributing to happen, only one thing is required – desire.


  • The process matters more than the result

The point of going to school is to develop oneself – to learn, be disciplined, and generate communication and interpersonal skills. Education doesn’t stop once you get your degree, it is a lifelong process. The classic meaning of education is to acquire skills and knowledge so immense that it will benefit others. By focusing more on the process and not worrying about the end result will obviously reduce stress and tension and help a student perform much better. To be able to make the most of your education, embrace the beautiful process of learning and find long-term fulfillment, happiness, and success.

Image Courtesy: Google Images