Use of Mobile Apps in Education


Technology is the key to a new world of learning, especially the online learning environment, which helps in bringing quality education on the desk.

Since past couple of years, the use of technology in the form of mobile has exploded and has rather become a ubiquitous part of our life. With children growing up surrounded by an array of mobile devices, developers and designers are coming up with a wide variety of mobile apps for anything under the sun.

One such good use of apps is in education. Today, apps are adding immense value in pedagogy, and their popularity has helped in building a comprehensive digital learning solution. According to researches, educational apps contribute to over 17 percent of the entire app market. Apps have become an appropriate cutting edge technology that offers smart education to students.

In fact, apps have taken education to the next level, by providing virtual environment that can be accessible anytime and anywhere. The initiation of developers to focus on designing innovative educational apps to make students learn in a fun way, has been adding huge value in the education sector. It serves as an important source of learning and exploring in this ever changing landscape of information.

Generally, mobile apps are used to access guides, to keep updated about schedules and classes, accessing notes and much more.  App simplified content discovery process and gives teachers and students access to same tools and services.  So, whether you are into offering learning modules to students or connecting them with their faculty, mobile apps can effectively add value to your educational setup.


Evaluating the Apps for Educational Use

Due to its easy accessibility, students can access information and navigate easily to their favourite content.  However, finding relevant apps for educational purpose is also a task, especially when there are apps for all kinds of learning in the market. A relevant educational app should have active involvement, be engaging and not distracting and have meaningful content.

Many apps highlight content that seems educational, but fail to have true educational value. Usually,  developers add attention-grabbing features into the app that in reality distracts students rather than engaging them like an effective educational tools. While everyone is focused on content, there is an inherent need to organize the learning process, but not many developers understand that.

It is important to understand which apps are rightfully educational and which are masquerading. There is a need for awareness when it comes to providing quality educational tools to students. A quality learning environments will be more useful to education.


However, with more and more techno-savvy companies, with the science of learning at their core, focusing on providing effective tools, the next generation of apps looks promising and are likely to realize their potential as effective and engaging educational tools.


 Image Courtesy: Google Images